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About Us

Based in India with clients and team members all over the US, we are serving as a perfect platform for all kinds of medical record review services.  Our mission has always been to provide topflight medical record review services for attorneys and other legal communities. We have proven workmanship in reviewing medical charts and assisting in the litigation process. Yeah, we value the time and groundwork of our clients which goad us to work with speed and credibility.

Our Services

We deliver broad-gauge medical chronology services individualized as per the demands of our clients. Working with robust and secured data environment, your records are safe in our hands. You can handpick the type of legal service you prefer and we would be there with an output, tailored just for your case.

Medical Chronology

It is an organized reservoir of the entire medical data arranged in a chronological order. No muddles, no headaches. We make it a breeze for you.

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Deposition Summary

It is the distilled version of a deposition transcript. We cream off the key points in the deposition and make it as simple as reading a story.

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Narrative Summary

It is a narrative report of the medical records of an individual. We highlight all the vital medical encounters in the medical charts.

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Treatment Timelines

It is a schematic representation of the medical events in the medical record. Graphically, we let you sail through the event names, dates, etc.

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Bookmarking & Hyperlinks

It is a navigational tool to easily locate and focus the major events in a medical record. We provide bookmarking with hyperlinks for a quick navigation.

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PDF Sorting & Indexing

It is the rearrangement of the scattered medical charts in specific clusters based on record type, facility-wise or by chronological order.

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Our Pricing

Why Choose Us

Serving the legal industry is a towering responsibility and we take it very passionately. For us, it’s all about what adds value for your clients and cases.

Expert Professionals

We have a dream team of medical experts consisting of Legal Nurses, MDs, Data Analysts, and Case Managers. Fueled by expertise and experience, we handle medical record review and analysis with precision and care.


Quick Delivery

On-time delivery is the centerpiece of our services. You can pick either standard or expedited delivery service. Our medical legal summaries delivered in unshakable TAT help the attorneys study their cases better.


Tailored Services

Let it be medical chronology services or deposition summaries, we make it tailor-made as per your needs and demands. Our customized medical records review has always been a worthwhile asset to our clients.

Higher Accuracy

Client satisfaction has always been our publicity and we offer no compromise in the precision of our outputs. We analyze the medical records carefully and deliver reports that would always meet your expectations.


Data Security

We take your data too personally and safeguard its privacy with our stringent data security policies. No more worries regarding the privacy of your records. Our HIIPA and ISO standard compliancy retain your records safe with us.

Competitive Pricing

We ensure nominal pricing for all our medical chart review services. Our handy payment plans would make it smooth for you.  If you want to keep a lid on costs, absolutely we are an exceptional pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whom you serve with your review services?

We offer helping hands to personal injury attorneys, product liability attorneys, medical malpractice attorneys, QME, & IME doctors through our medical record reviewing services.

What are the types of personal injury cases you are specialized in?

We are fluid and versatile to work with a broad spectrum of injury cases like motor vehicle accident, workplace injuries, wrongful death claims, premises liability, spinal cord injuries, dog bite, and animal attack claims, assault, neurological injuries, pedestrian accidents, etc.

What about your work flow during the review process?

Our workflow goes as follows

  • Organizing the medical records
  • Extraction of duplicates if any
  • Missing record identification
  • Communication about delivery date
  • Processing the records
  • Quality audits
  • Uploading the completed case through a secured server
  • Follow up and clarification if required
How do you calculate the billing hours?

Our review experts are able to handle 40 pages per hour for medical chronology and narrative summaries. Billing hours would vary as per the quality and the depth of the medical records. However, we would give you an estimate of billable hours before starting the review process.

How do you deal with additional medical records?

We work on additional medical records as the patient continues the treatment with the healthcare provider. In that case, we charge only for the fresh additional records and not for the records already done.

What is the experience of your review crew?

Our review experts have clinical as well as medical chart review expertise. Having managed a swag of medical records throughout their career, any specialties of medicine is a piece of cake.

How to get started with your medical chart review services?

Upload your medical records on our website with the vital details and the services you require and we would get back to you. Once the final report is delivered, you can pay as you go. No more commitments you have till you reach us next time.

How about the quality assurance you offer?

We provide a phenomenal three-level audit system. The output files are audited at various level before it reaches you.

  1. First level: Peer review
  2. Second level: Quality Audit
  3. Third level:  Delivery Audit 
What is your routine billing cycle payment method?

We offer flexible billing methods as per your convenience. Payment can be done case wise, bi-monthly or monthly.

What type of client support we can expect from you?

We offer round the clock support to our clients through out the year. You can reach us anytime through call or e-mail.

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